Celebrating 20 amazing years of ‘Design Excellence’!

Celebrating 20 Amazing Years of ‘Design Excellence’!

At Daddy Design we are both honored and grateful to be celebrating 20 amazing years of ‘Design Excellence’! Over the years we’ve been at the forefront of some pretty amazing changes to the industry from the notepad days of html coding, to the social media craze, and to the WordPress boom that’s still going strong today.

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responsive branding wordpress

Cow Wow Custom Branding and Responsive WordPress Design

You know the milk that’s left over after you eat a bowl of cereal? It tastes like…heaven? Well that’s Cow Wow but they made it organic, all-natural and low fat with 9 essential vitamins and nutrients to promote health and wellness among children of all ages.

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leighton dance and core

LDP and CORE Dance Responsive WordPress and logo Designs

At the Leighton Dance Project, we offer a nurturing environment where learning and growth are always the first priority. We value discipline and technique as crucial components of dance instruction, but believe that the passion and spirit behind this training must be constantly nourished as well.

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Ecommerce Developments

GUYandGIRL WordPress and Ecommerce Development

GUYandGIRL amenity line was created to transform your hotel bath into a worthy sanctuary. The inspiration was to go straight to the source and conceptualize a personalized hotel line containing distinctive ingredients that spoke to Miami Beach.

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Logo and Wordpress Desig

Ocean Inflatables Logo and WordPress Design

Products are unique and useful for many applications; from their Liquid Rail and Liquid Flyer for wakeboarding events, to their inflatable cinema for the casual nights on a deserted tropical island for their mega yacht clientele, to their FabDock to take your boat out of the water without lifting a finger, to their Critter Free Pool that makes a safe swimming environment out of any body of water.

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Wordpress Design

Intentional Table WordPress Design

We forage for stories and events featuring intersting small family farms, artisans, and authors, all with one thing in common…a belief in treating the earth, animals and workers with respect and dignity.

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jquery Wordpress Design

Sanctuary Hotel jQuery WordPress Design

Sanctuary Hotel and Spa is in an ideal South Beach setting for those who want to be away from it all but in the middle of it all. Whether your trip is business or leisure our knowledgeable staffs will guide your South Beach experience and make sure that exceptional service is unlike any other Miami Beach Hotel.

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Miami Beach Taxpayers Association Logo & Wordpress Design

Miami Beach Taxpayers Association Logo & WordPress Design

The association is dedicated to help bringing awareness and solutions to the following issues facing our amazing city of Miami Beach: Excessive Taxes, Bloated Municipal Payrolls, Lack of Planning, Delayed Infrastructure Projects, Inefficient Buildings Department, Outdated Convention Center and Junkets at our expense by Commissioners and City Manager.

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Menin Hotels HTML5 Wordpress Design

Menin Hotels HTML5 WordPress Design

Menin Hotels is a full service hospitality management company providing guests with a unique, memorable vacation or business hotel experience. We have a reputation for maximizing assets and a portfolio of proven results in upscale lodging as well as lifestyle restaurants. Our expertise is respected in the industry and sought after among hospitality proprietors.

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social media design package

Freestyle Cruiser Social Media Design Package

The Freestyle Cruiser™ from FreeStyle Slides is the world’s first custom made, sealed-air inflatable water slide for the yacht industry. At FreeStyle Slides our vision for cutting edge family entertainment has led to the development of some of the most unique inflatable slides in the world. The Freestyle Cruiser™ is a highly unique product that provides the most exciting experience in water toys for privately owned and charted vessels.

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Fountain of Youth Wordpress Design

Fountain of Youth WordPress Design

The Fountain of Youth is a production company that creates content across a multitude of platforms, including: Film, Television, Commercials, Music, and the Web. Our clients are Advertising Agencies, Film Studios, Television Networks, Brands, Record Labels, and anyone looking to produce cutting edge creative content.

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