Custom WordPress Design

Think Google and Facebook control the Internet? Here’s WordPress tapping you on the shoulder to remind you how it accounts for more than 15.9 MILLION websites across the world. That’s about 27% of the Internet.

WordPress Development and Design

At Daddy Design, we give you the opportunity to expand and evolve your website beyond the limitations of the standard WordPress site. The possibilities are limitless with a custom WordPress site. We can do everything from initial design to constant development of an already existing site. Truly the only limitations here are the scope of what you want your business page to look like. Give us your vision of your company or product’s brand and we can create an environment that perfectly contains it, exhibits it, and gives your target audience the ideal means of becoming a community around it. Then we’ll be there to upgrade your site as you need it to do more and more as your business grows. Interactive functions, search tools, XML feeds, you name it, we can do it.

Fully Custom In-House Designs

If you have any familiarity with WordPress, you already know that the site offers a few pre-fabricated templates for basic users, and a few more for those willing to pay for them. But the problem with templates is that everyone is accessing the same pool, dramatically reducing the chances of your website standing out as one of a kind. To guarantee our clients that no other website will look like theirs, we offer only fully customized, in-house designs conceived by our team of experts based on your input and vision. Whether your tastes run from futuristic to retro, from simplistic to interactive, we can harness your vision and design a custom WordPress design unique to your business and your style.

Developing Beyond Design

A visually beautiful website will bring customers to your page, but only a well-designed one will keep them there? What’s the difference? Design refers to the physical look of a website using tools like Adobe Photoshop while development refers to what the website actually does, using tools like HTML, Javascript, PHP, and CSS. Put another way; design is the sweet lines of a brand-new Corvette; development is the horsepower beneath the hood.

Back-End Envy

Post types refer to the sort of objects you can populate your WordPress site with; from blog posts to pages to attachments to menus. Custom fields give you the opportunity to expand on your writing and posting in nearly any form imaginable. Give users a window into the past of blog posts made on similar dates or assign a mood to your blog post of the day. Regardless of what sort of meta information you want to add to your posts or what objects you want your website to house, Daddy Design can develop them all for you with a completely customizable back end. Break free of the constraints of traditional WordPress sites and turn your website into an unique, interactive experience to connect your business, products, services, and customers.

Teach a Man to Fish …

We don’t just create WordPress sites, we also create WordPress tutorials to help others learn the process so they can make the most of their websites over the lifetime of their business. Whether you’re a beginner just getting your feet wet on the Internet or an expert needing to brush up on taking your business website to the next level, our custom-created WordPress tutorials will be a perfect fit every time. If you find yourself lacking something essential, we also create custom plugins that can augment the functionality of your website. These stand-alone pieces of code affect different sections of a website to perform certain tasks beyond the normal scope of the front-end functions.

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