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Take five people, ask them to head to a specific website, and they’re likely to take five different routes to get there.

One will use his smartphone, another a tablet, a third a laptop, the fourth his desktop, and the fifth might just browse the Web from his couch on his television set. Five different devices means five different screens of vastly different dimensions, sizes and capabilities, and that’s where the rapidly expanding field of responsive web design – more commonly known as RDW – comes in.

Most companies who have users who employ smartphones or other mobile devices to view their content previously built two separate sites – one for traditional Internet use and a second mobile site.
Designing responsively means you have one site, which responds to the type of device it is being viewed on, giving the user the same experience whether they are on the miniature screen of an older cell phone or sitting in front of a 75″ HD television set.

Not only does RWD allow the user to get the same seamless experience, but it also establishes your brand across all media, and saves you both time and money of having to build more than one site for the same company, business or product.

Daddy Design RWD and development techniques can help you transition your site to meet Google’s RWD design requirements. Through the use of fluid grid layouts and fluid graphics, our custom RWD techniques target the width of the browser in use and determine the proper website display for any accessing device,s including desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones.
We use media queries to target maximum and minimum widths rather than device sizes or orientations. We do this because browsers and mobile devices of the future will vary in size, but will still benefit from RWD.

RWD is a field that is foreign for many in our industry, but it has become second-nature for those on our creative team who have been on the back end design process of numerous websites, and who know what a struggle it can be to try to use cutting edge devices to try and access a site whose parameters and capabilities are not up to speed.
There’s no faster way to lose a customer than by trying to get them to navigate a website that won’t respond to their Internet device of choice. No matter how good your product or service might be, if potential customers cannot gain information about it when they want and using the specific browsing tool they want, research leaves little doubt that they will move on to your competitors if your website is not accessible.

At Daddy Design, we guarantee that those problems will never be your problems. We work closely with you to ensure that any and all custom design segments of your website are fully functional for any size screen and any type device. Sliders, videos, add-ons, plug-ins, the list goes on and on, but the promise of our RWD design team remains the same; if you want it on your website, we’ll get it there.

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