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Menin Hotels

Company Details

Menin Hotels is a full service hospitality management company providing guests with a unique, memorable vacation or business hotel experience. We have a reputation for maximizing assets and a portfolio of proven results in upscale lodging as well as lifestyle restaurants. Our expertise is respected in the industry and sought after among hospitality proprietors.

Project Details

Not only was this our first HTML5 project but it’s also our first with incorporating HTML5 into the custom WordPress CMS. We used parallax scrolling to create a unique navigating experience within the home page. Just scroll down the page or click on one of the Hotel links in upper right. Pretty cool, right? There are five pages located in this one home page.

Another cool HTML5 trick we used was for when your viewing this on smaller monitors. If you scaled your browser window down you will notice a bunch of the sidebar menu links disappear then move to a new top horizontal menu.

The other pages of this website all use a JS accordion menu style to display all their content. As you can also tell, every page uses a full background image. Go ahead and and navigate through the site, we are very proud about the how everything turned out!

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