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GUYandGIRL (Menin Hotels)

Company Details

GUYandGIRL amenity line was created to transform your hotel bath into a worthy sanctuary. The inspiration was to go straight to the source and conceptualize a personalized hotel line containing distinctive ingredients that spoke to Miami Beach. The aromas of a sunny beach day lead us to the coconut resulting in an organic and natural formula. Our Collection also contains green tea, lemon, freesia and jasmine which we found promotes healthy looking hair and complexion. Stalk us at because your hair and body have never begged for a product like this before.

Project Details

Menin Hotels hired us for another development project. This custom site was built in 2 different CMS. The home page and blog are all created in WordPress and the Eccomerce store is built in Big Commerce. We made sure to style both parts to look identical so when you go from one to the other you wont even tell they are different platforms.

UPDATE 2/21/14: Site has been recoded to just a WordPress site and now using PayPal buttons. See the Custom Paypal Buttons Tutorial Here

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