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For many people, Facebook is a social excursion only – a place to catch up with friends, share photos and let the world know all the things they “Like.”

For business owners and companies, Facebook is so much more. A place to build a page designed to directly interact, engage and introduce customers to products, services and the messages, motivation and branding that make your company unique.

Why build a company page on Facebook? For starters, the website has 1.3 billion active users per month. There’s simply no more vast, available, free form of advertising in the world. Of that number, 48% log in every single day.

Still not impressed? Chew on these numbers.

  • Every 20 minutes on Facebook, 1 million links are shared.
  • Every 20 minutes on Facebook, 3 million messages are sent.
  • Facebook is available in 70 different languages.
  • 48% of 18-34 year olds check their Facebook page before leaving home in the morning.
  • 28% of 18-34 year olds check their Facebook page before they even get out of bed.

Facebook allows business owners to have both personal and business pages, and at Daddy Design, we make it our business to offer the most comprehensive, creative and professional Facebook design in the market today. Whether you are promoting your business as a whole, a single event or a new product, we can create a Facebook page that will engage your target audience, promote your idea, merchandise or event, and open up untapped markets that traditional advertising just can’t deliver to you.

But, it’s just Facebook, isn’t every page the same?

Absolutely NOT!!! Facebook allows for all sorts of fantastic applications and add-ons that can transform the standard profile page into whatever you want it to look like, with potentially limitless multimedia and interactive add-ons. At Daddy Design, we have been users of Facebook since its inception, and our team members spend copious amounts of time staying on top of its latest innovations so that when we design your Facebook business page, people forget they’re on Facebook – all they see is your brand.

Our team can add photo galleries, imbedded videos, audio greetings, polls, and all sorts of interactive widgets to make customers’ visits to your Facebook business page a one-of-a-kind experience that they will want to repeat and share with their Facebook friends.

What are the benefits of a Facebook business page?

In addition to the aforementioned statistics about just how big an advertising base you can particularly reach through Facebook, realize that a Facebook business page allows you to interact with customers and potential customers in an informal environment in a real-time format. The minute you announce a new product on your website, you can post a link on your business’ Facebook page and every single person who has “Liked” your business will know about it. Facebook also allows people to comment on your products and services, which gives you sensational insight into what is working well in your business and what needs improvement.

What are the potential problems of a Facebook business page?

The biggest thing to remember when using Facebook to promote your business is that you don’t mix your personal life with your professional life. Posting personal viewpoints, opinions, beliefs, photos or messages on your Facebook business page are a big no-no; regardless of how universal you think those opinions might be, they have no place in your business world, where you are trying to attract customers based on the merits of your products and services, not the contents of your ethical code, iPod or Flickr gallery. Remember too to always treat customers and those who engage you on Facebook with the utmost in respect and courtesy. No matter how briefly you might post a message on Facebook that id derogatory, insulting or unprofessional, there is a good chance that someone will take a screenshot of it or save the page, and your reputation – both personally and as a business – will suffer for it. If you feel someone is intentionally harassing you or your business, you can simply block that person from visiting your page.

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