Cow Wow Custom Branding and Responsive WordPress Design


Cow Wow Cereal Milk

Client Details

You know the milk that’s left over after you eat a bowl of cereal? It tastes like…heaven? Well that’s Cow Wow but they made it organic, all-natural and low fat with 9 essential vitamins and nutrients to promote health and wellness among children of all ages.

Project Details

This was a very long and enjoyable project. The first phase of this project was designing all the custom branding for Cow Wow. Which included NEW logo, colors, graphics and carton package designs (pictures coming soon).

Second phase is the responsive wordpress website. We coded a random color generator for a fun element to the site, which changes the branding colors throughout the site on refresh or load. This site is using a lot of advanced CSS such as columns, drop shadows, rounded corners and much more. One of the most advanced pages on this site is the store locator page, which is using google maps system. Just insert your address and it will show you the closest location that carries Cow Wow. And of course everything is responsive!

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