Ocean Inflatables Logo and WordPress Design


Ocean Inflatables

Company Details

Products are unique and useful for many applications; from their Liquid Rail and Liquid Flyer for wakeboarding events, to their inflatable cinema for the casual nights on a deserted tropical island for their mega yacht clientele, to their FabDock to take your boat out of the water without lifting a finger, to their Critter Free Pool that makes a safe swimming environment out of any body of water.

Project Details

Ocean inflatables hired us to design all their branding, website and social media pages (coming soon). The wordpress website design consist of our 1st responsive design. Well it’s semi responsive to desktops and laptops only. As all of our custom WordPress sites, the back end is all customized so they can easily maintain each page and section. Site also includes contact page, blog news and products pages.

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No Longer Available