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What started off as a bit of a gimmicky way to communicate has now become one of the hottest ways to communicate instantly in the digital era.

Twitter – which allows you to send out brief messages to those following your account – has 255 million world-wide users, of which 100 million are active on the site on a daily basis.
Completely free to use, Twitter is a tremendous way to communicate to your existing customers and find new ones in the vast realms of the Internet. But a Twitter account is only as good as the professionalism of the page behind it and the quality of the tweets being sent out.

That’s where the creative team at Daddy Design comes in. We can use our knowledge of Twitter, Internet marketing, and Internet design to build a custom-made Twitter page for you that will ensure your brand, your vision and your message are clear to every single person who visits your Twitter page. Additionally, recent re-designs to the Twitter allows you to include a “Header” at the top of every single message you tweet out. This is an ideal space for your company’s logo or name, and our team of experts can create the perfect look for your header to make it original, iconic and instantly recognizable to your customers every time they see it pop up in their Twitter feed.

Twitter Do’s and Don’ts

Here are a few points from Daddy Design’s team of Twitter experts that will help you grow your followers, and thus your business, on Twitter.

DO – Follow those who follow you. It lets them know you’re interested in what they’re doing and what they’re saying about current issues.

DON’T – Speak your mind on current issues, particularly those with political or religious foundations. Those should be left to your personal Twitter account, or even better, off social media entirely.

DO – Engage in real conversations with other people in your industry. Mention trends, patterns and products.

DON’T – Use your Twitter page as nothing more than promotional advertising for your products and services. This is something large corporations are infamous for. Remember, people come to Twitter to be entertained and informed. If you can one or both, you are way ahead of the game.

DO – Engage with people who have problems, concerns or complaints about your business or company. Ignoring people with negative things to say is just keeping the truth from yourself. If possible, try to make the conversations private, but this is not absolutely necessary. The best thing you can is be courteous, helpful and prompt in your responses.

DON’T – Get into “Twitter wars” with people who have negative views of your company or product. Nothing will make you appear more unprofessional than getting into a back and forth argument with another Twitter user. It’s a bit like the old schoolyard fights we all remember from childhood – everyone will gather around to take a glance, but is that really the kind of attention you want on your business?

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