Walls360 Custom Facebook Design



Company Details

WALLS 360 creates amazing wall graphics for artists, designers, photographers, and brands from around the world. Premium Wall Graphics + Interactive Wall Art.

Project Details

This is by far our largest and most advanced custom Iframe facebook design yet! Everything you see on this page is all easily maintainable by the client in the backend of the CMS wordpress. This is also an Iframe reveal tab, when you click the like button inside the page it will reveal the Facebook special. So many features on this page, lets start from top to bottom: Featured slide show that will be changed out for every promotion, facebook special offer with custom slider and easily changeable to single set image, collection shop items, photo gallery of client photos (allows users to add their photos to wall and will be featured in that gallery), Press / Tweets / Blog (click those tabs to toggle each section), testimonials (created backend to allow up to 50 quotes and with a custom color selector) and footer with social network links.

The most impressive part that we are very proud about is the backend wordpress system. We tried our best to make each and every section very easy for Wall360 to maintain.

Project Link

No Longer Available