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Company Info

Susanne Greenfield and Melanie Moore came up with the idea for ToVieFor because, as avid online shoppers, they grew frustrated by the lack of new, hot, on-trend handbags and accessories on sample sale and discount websites. “Sure, we could go online and rent a coveted Chanel or Marc Jacobs bag for a month or two, but that gets really expensive, really quick. We thought: Why isn’t there a way for us to buy the new Marc Jacobs Stam Quilted Satchel for half the price?” Thus, the idea for ToVieFor was born.

Project Details

Just like the Dolce Touch Site, we were very excited to design this blog. We love designing elegant, fancy clean websites. Check out the menu drop downs on this wordpress blog. Also, roll over the RSS icon.. be on the look out for our tutorial on how to do that (coming soon).

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No Longer Available