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Company Info

SixEstate Communications provides cutting-edge online news services for businesses, nonprofits, political campaigns, and other organizations and causes.
The company was started by David Reich and Steve O’Keefe, who worked together at Patron Saint Productions, Inc., where they had developed and refined the concept of “Newsblogging.”

The name SixEstate is a reference to the “Fourth Estate,” a term for the mainstream media coined in the early 19th century. The press, as it was called in that period, was considered one of the most influential forces in society, along with the clergy (First Estate), the noblemen (Second Estate) and the commoners (Third Estate). The Fifth Estate has an array of meanings, but often describes forms of alternative media, such as underground newspapers, pirate radio, and even the Internet and public-access TV.

Project Details

We first designed their logo to look like a digital clock. They wanted the wordpress site to be a clean design that’s easy to navigate. This site is prominently a blog site. We added some cool features including a slider, recent tweets plugin and much more.

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