Let us get you an A in Pingdom, Google PageSpeed and GTmetrix

At Daddy Design we are always constantly working on improving our website ranking in Google and Alexa. One way to succeed is to ensure that your website has a quick page load response time with high rankings in Pingdom, Google PageSpeed and GTmetrix. Your website’s overall speed will not only ensure you a higher overall website ranking but it will also greatly increase the experience for your end users.

We were always overlooking and neglecting our website speed over the years when we really should have placed more importance upon it. Our site tested pretty poorly in the big 3 testing sites with a dismal D average. Our worst ranking was an F in GTmetrix while Google PageSpeed was recording us with over a 4 second load time. Needless to say this was pretty terrible, not to mention embarrassing for a professional web design firm.

So with our new found mindset of just how important website speed really is, we set out to not only improve upon our speed test rankings but to achieve an A average across the board which is no easy task. We spent over a week tweaking and fixing all of the items that the 3 sites suggested we fix on our site. We first focused on fixing the items that were code related and then moved on to optimizing all of the images on our site. Once we fixed those core issues we started to research and look into how we wanted to handle our website’s cache, after lots of trial and error we finally decided on installing WP Super Cache. So after all of our hard work and tireless research we are proud to announce that we have achieved our goal of an A+ average in all 3 sites! See the results below:

Pingdom A+ 98 Ranking

Daddy Design Pingdom Score

Google PageSpeed 96/100 Ranking

Daddy Design Google Pagespeed Score

GTmetrix A 93% Ranking

Daddy Design GTmetrix Score

While some will try to convince you that in order to achieve high website speeds you need to host your site on an expensive dedicated server, like RackSpace, we are proof that this isn’t always the case. We are currently hosted with GoDaddy on a basic shared server plan and our rankings speak for themselves. Sure a more expensive server can potentially make life easier but it’s not necessary if you put in the work.

Daddy Design is proud to announce that we are now offering this as a new service. If you are interested in having Daddy Design improve your website speed ranking, please contact us at 1.888.987.1961 or fill out our FREE online quote.