Josh Hutcherson Celebrity Myspace Design Profile


Josh Hutcherson

Josh’s Myspace Message

Hey, whats up. I’m Josh and this is my official Myspace profile. Take a look around and get to know me better. Since this is my official profile, everything that is posted on here is true. If you find it on another Myspace profile – don’t trust it. I don’t get a chance to come on here personally very often, but I’ll try to sometimes

Project Details

This celebrity myspace designed profile was created for the famous child actor Josh Hutcherson. He updates this page weekly with blogs, photos and news on what going on in his life. The top section is for his showcase. It has his present movie poster and movie trailer, which is Journey to the Center of the Earth. This page is technically our first Myspace Move Design. And right now the has a design for President Obama. Josh Supports Obama!! Josh Hutcherson is one of many of our clients that hired us on a monthly basis to do all the maintaining.

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