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Band Info

Armed with a batch of song ideas and fueled by the tension of the times, the band (which in addition to Brown and Murphy, features percussionist Jeffree Lerner, keyboardist David Phipps, and Zach Velmer on drums) took a break from their masochistic touring schedule and holed up in their recording studio, determined to make the strongest album of their career. “The last few records, it felt like we were learning on the job,” says Murphy. “But the new record is the job.”

Project Details

The client asked for an advanced myspace design based off the the New STS9 Peaceblaster CD art. After we designed this page for 1320 Records, they were so happy with it that we landed many more projects including STS9 blog website and 1320 myspace page. This layout has a fan “copy and paste” free layout and a wallpaper download, its part of our “FREE DOWNLOAD” add-on section.

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No longer Available