Johnny Whiteside Logo Design


Johnny Whiteside

Band Info

Johnny Whiteside was born in Vero Beach, Florida. A small southern town on Florida’s east coast. At a young age Johnny grew a keen ear for music and became very passionate about Rock and Heavy Metal. At the age of 12 he began playing drums and started his first band Axiom with two middle school friends. Axiom was a pop/punk cover band and played various shows around Vero Beach. A year later Johnny picked up the guitar in hopes to help Axiom write better songs. Soon after Axiom broke up, and Johnny was well into his next band Alegence. A dark underground punk band with strong political views. Johnny has always idolized musicians like Prince who could play different instruments, and like Prince performed all instruments herd on a record. Soon after learning to play guitar Johnny made it a goal to learn as many instruments as possible. He did just that when he recorded his first EP entitled The Death Of Common Since at the age of 18. Throughout his High School days he was in and out of several other bands until going solo in 2005. In the same year Johnny moved to Orlando to begin college at Full Sail University for Recording Arts. A year later he graduated with an Associates of Science degree.

Project Details

Our client was looking for a logo that fit with his type of music.