Flexible Content is our Favorite Feature of the Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) WordPress Plugin

At Daddy Design when we develop custom WordPress websites we always aim to go as plugin light as possible, however one plugin we use on every single project is the robust Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) WordPress plugin. While this amazing plugin is full of so many game changing features that allow developers to create user friendly custom content blocks, there is one feature in particular that we absolutely love and it’s the Flexible Content field. This feature allows you to create advanced drag & drop sections for your site giving you the ability to create a wide range of layouts without limitations. We love giving our clients full control over as many elements and aspects of their website that we can and the Advanced Custom Fields WP plugin helps us do just that!

ACF describes the Flexible Content field as follows:

The Flexible Content field provides a simple, structured, block-based editor.

Using layouts and sub fields to design the available blocks, this field type acts as a blank canvas to which you can define, create and manage content with total control.

How difficult is the Advanced Custom Fields Flexible Content field to use?

In general the Advanced Custom Fields plugin requires a lot of development knowledge to properly utilize and the Flexible Content field is definitely an advanced feature of the plugin that requires a lot of thought behind how to properly implement it. Accessing the values is done via the have_rows, the_row, get_sub_field, and the_sub_field functions, so you should be familiar with these methods. We recommend you visit the ACF documentation resources available on their website linked below to get familiar with how this particular field needs to be implemented. 

Visit the ACF Documentation Resources

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