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Report Error WP Plugin

Report Error WP Plugin

Daddy Design is proud to introduce our very 1st WordPress plugin, WP Report Error. This plugin was born out of the need to allow users to submit potential errors on a database website that we created, when no viable options were found we decided to build the plugin ourselves.

The Report Page/Post Error WP Plugin allows website visitors to inform the WordPress owner/webmaster that there is a potential error on a page or post. This plugin is extremely flexible with options to insert a “Report Error” link on every page/post, on individual pages/posts via shortcode, or into your theme’s template via php script. When the “Report Error” link is clicked, a small contact form will pop up via javascript, the user can then input an optional message and submit the form, the form also features an easy captcha to avoid potential spammers. The owner/webmaster will then receive an email with a link to the exact page or post where the reported error is located and any additional messages from the user.


*1.6 Two new admin features added in Plugin options page , 1. Hide error “Icon” and 2. Hide “Email” field from the pop up form.
1.5 Fixed Spam issues. Make sure to have Askimet Plugin installed!
1.3 Fixed upload issues from the 1.2 upload
1.2 Insert strings needed for multiple languages.
1.0 Released


Report Post Error Pop Up Screenshot

report page error admin options screenshot

Download the WP Report Error Plugin

Download or Install Directly via the WordPress Plugin Directory Winzip Direct Download

Downloads Per Day


  1. Upload the ‘wp-report-error’ folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.


To get started visit the plugin’s admin settings page and follow the steps below:

  1. Insert the email address that you want all reported errors sent to.
  2. Insert the message you want displayed when the user successfully submits the Page/Post Error Report Form.
  3. Determine the option you want for using the WP Report Error Plugin, check below for detailed options.
  4. Insert the subject of the email sent to your specified email address.

There are three available options for using the WP Report Error Plugin, check below to find out which option is best for your website:

  1. In the plugin’s admin settings check the box to allow the Report Error Link to be added automatically to all of your pages/posts.
  2. To add to individual pages/posts use the [WPRError] shortcode in the wp-admin page or post html editor.
  3. To add to your theme’s template files use the following php code:
    <?php if(function_exists('ReportPageErrors')){ echo ReportPageErrors(); } ?>

Need Support?

If you have any problems with this plugin or need help, please leave us a comment below and we will respond as soon as possible.

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  1. Jake April 14, 2010

    Pretty good, had a little play with the “Report” button as i didn’t want an image. I think there should be an option to either have a “Report” button with an image, or just a simple text link without an image.

    • daddydesign April 14, 2010

      Jake, that’s a very good idea. We will play around with that on our next version.

  2. Davide April 14, 2010


    This plugin is very useful, but there is a little problem: Report Error link is visible only in article but nont in pages.

    I tried:
    - entering the code in the template
    - enabled option Report Error Link in the backend (wp-admin).

    Is it a problem only for my template?

    Best Regards.

    • daddydesign April 14, 2010

      Davide, we are looking into this issue right now. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

  3. ultrasound technician April 14, 2010

    Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

  4. kalamity April 14, 2010

    I also have the same problem than davide : no report error for pages … and I only use pages :o)

  5. Davide April 15, 2010

    Thanks DADDYDESIGN ;-)

    I’m working to create a language file for plugin.

  6. Li-An April 16, 2010

    I’m testing your plugin on my blog and I have a “strange” problem. It does not show on the home page – code inserted in index.php.
    It could be nice if you managed the internationalisation of the plugin as it can be used only by english spoken people for the moment…

    • daddydesign April 16, 2010

      Li-An, at the moment this plugin only works in post and pages. We will be creating more features in the future to both of your request. Thank you for the suggestion.

  7. Jake April 17, 2010

    Not a problem, its a good simple plugin.

  8. Davide April 19, 2010


    I’ve modified your plugin for support languages.

    If you are interested, this is the link for download (italian translation is included):

    I have tested it in my site and it works ;-)

    Any news for the bug on pages?

    Best regards.

  9. daddydesign April 19, 2010

    Thank you Davide! I Will check this out later tonight or tomorrow. We are currently still fixing the page problem. And we are also adding a new captcha system.

  10. Davide April 20, 2010

    Great news, mate!!
    I’m waiting for new release ;-)

    It’s a pleasure for me help you.


    • daddydesign April 20, 2010

      Hi Davide, You can download the zip again on the wordpress server. We fixed the page problem. Let us know if there are still some problems. Our next version will have a new captcha system and will have your language add-on in it ;-)

  11. Davide April 21, 2010

    Hi Daddy!

    I download it and install: now it’s all OK!

    I update my release too.
    So you can download your fixed plugin with language support at the same link: http://www.jqueryitalia.org/wp-report-error.zip

    It’s contain general language .mo file and italian translation.

    Best Regards.

  12. Arindam Chakraborty May 14, 2010

    The plugin is great, only trouble is that for the last few days I get several fake reports from just one user (in the body of the email there r links to all the adult stuff. If I cud know the IP address of the user then I could ban him easily using wp ban. But no such info is given by the plugin.

    Thanks for considering my request. :)

    • daddydesign May 15, 2010

      Hi Arindam, thank you for bringing this matter to us, we will look into this. We are currently working on a better spam captcha system for it.

      • Choton August 14, 2013

        Hello, I was also facing same problem with spam report. can you please update the captcha system please?

        • daddydesign August 23, 2013

          hi, please check back in the next 2 weeks as we are working on this!

  13. naruto July 27, 2010

    [WPRError] This don’t work in post, Comes up as plain text, what should i do?

  14. Li-An August 9, 2010

    In two days of installation, 2 spams. I have no problem of spam with Contact Form 7 so I hope you will find a solution…

    • daddydesign August 9, 2010

      Hi Li-An,

      We are looking into this issue and are working on a better spam filter. Sorry about this, please keep checking in for a update.

  15. Gigi August 20, 2010

    Hi Daddydesign,
    i have maybe a jquery conflict problem, if i click on Report Error link in my page http://goo.gl/7aX6 it doesn’t show any form.

  16. Sam November 11, 2010

    installe das stated, however comes back with “error sending email” and I don’t receive anything at the backend. Any ideas as noone else seems to have a problem with the install side I feel I must have done something wrong. :( Sam

    • daddydesign November 12, 2010

      @Sam, can you explain the issue a little more, I’m a little confused on what your issue it.

  17. Jake November 20, 2010

    this is a really cool plugin.!!

    but i dont want the options of email and the spam as its a really small site i dont expect spam in that …trying to remove that ..but its not getting removed..even if i remove from the report plugin.php,just the spam part…it just dont work :(

    if anyones knows mail me jake4u@live.co.uk

    • daddydesign November 21, 2010

      @Jake, We are currently working on a few new options for this plugin. We will consider adding an option in the back end to not insert the email field.

  18. daddydesign November 23, 2010

    UPDATE! Request from users, We added two new admin features:
    1. Hide error “Icon” (hides the Yellow icon so now you can have just a text link).
    2. Hide “Email” field from the pop up form (now the submitter does not have to input an email and just notify you about the error).

  19. Li-An November 24, 2010

    French translation:

    (I don’t remember you gave me an email so I can send you the files by mail. If you are interested… :-))

  20. Davide November 27, 2010

    Hi mate!

    I sent to you an e-mail with some modifications made for last version of your plugin. ;-)


  21. wparabia December 28, 2010

    hello, this is great plugin im trnslated it in two arabic language and name translated file to wp-report-error-ar_AR.mo but no translated show in arabic all is english are you sure this supported .mo file in any language please ?

  22. Casav January 17, 2011

    The cross to close the popup does not appear on the screen.
    someone has already encountered this trouble … ?

    thank you for the help

    • daddydesign January 17, 2011

      @casav, can I see your site this is happening to?

  23. Casav January 19, 2011


    The site is off because is under construction.

    I found the source of the problem without finding a solution.

    The cross appears when I turn off the theme and its framework

    I use “reaction” rockettheme template with gantry framework.

    I hope you can help me


  24. neonon February 17, 2011

    Hi, how can we use this in an image? Tried putting “ inside an image a href but it doesnt work at all.

  25. TransitionVillage April 14, 2011


    I added this to my new site a few weeks ago and it tested OK. Now, it no longer pops up the form. I cannot tell why. Can you give me a clue? Visit any of the articles on the site to see for yourself. Thank you.

    • daddydesign April 15, 2011

      Hmm, that’s weird. Have you tried replacing the plugin? Let me do some digging to see if this is happening to other people.

  26. Wordlinks April 14, 2011

    Tried your plug-in on one of my sites. I like it, but how about if it returned to the visited page? The configured message on the Setting page appears to thank them (my words from the settings page) and then the only option for the user is to close the window. I would like them to return to the page they were looking at when they clicked the error link.

  27. Virendar April 29, 2011

    Rather than sending the report to email, how about using a database of some sort and show a listing of all reports in the wp backend.

    • daddydesign April 30, 2011

      HI Virendar, that’s actually a very good idea and might help with our email spam issue. We will look into this! Do you know or know anyone capable of helping us with this?

  28. Matze May 2, 2011

    I added

    in the WordPress Theme Editor but they doens’t show on the Webpage

    • daddydesign May 2, 2011

      Hey Matza,

      I just went into your post and I see it, what issue are you having?

      • Matze May 3, 2011

        Then i open a only Post, in the end of the content i seeing “Report Error”

        But i have addet the PHP-Code in the Theme-Editor, that show the “Report Error” on the Mainpage, but i doesn’t see it

  29. Faisal Humayun June 10, 2011

    Great plugin,
    Might I request:
    1. When the user clicks on send, just close the ajaxified popup instead of taking user out to a new page
    2. Allow users to customize a list of categories from a dropdown
    3. Capture the IP address of the reporter so that spamming IPs can be added to a block/ban list.
    4. Show report in dashboard

  30. Ashish July 15, 2011

    I’m trying this plugin but it shows the report icon only on pages, not posts. I tried inserting the shortcode in posts too, doesn’t work. I’m using WP 3.2.
    Please help.

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