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Company Info

Over the last decade Temptu has become the new face of beauty for the world’s top makeup professionals and their most discerning clients. As one of the first cosmetic houses to introduce airbrush application foundation, Temptu has built a reputation as the cosmetic source for innovation, superior quality, and ease of application. The introduction of its groundbreaking silicone-based S/B makeup formula sealed Temptu’s place as the brand of choice for professional makeup artists. Temptu has been on film and television’s biggest stars, including Nicole Kidman in The Stepford Wives, Paul Bettany in The Da Vinci Code, Rebecca Romijn in the X-Men franchise, and on countless other celebrities for red carpet debuts. Whether it’s gracing the on-air talent at NBC, inking up the stars of The Departed or under the tents at New York Fashion Week, top makeup professionals know to turn to Temptu.

Project Details

Temptu wanted this page to be clean and simple looking. They also wanted to be able to update the main image themselves, so we made it very easy for them to do so. UPDATE: We have been contacted by them recently, they want us to do a new design based off there new branding design.

UPDATE: We have just redesigned this page but you can see samples of what it use to look like below:

Project Samples

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No longer Available