Pimpwiz Myspace Layout Design



Company Info

Pimpwiz.com is a hybrid of luxury and relevancy, including the high-end aspect of magazines such as the Robb Report and the currency in content that most men’s monthly magazines cannot provide. The website is a response to the void in the media marketplace, bridging the gap between online and print.Popular culture trends and news have out-grown the time lag of print publications, leaving websites such as PimpWiz.com at the forefront of current events, style, entertainment, and beyond. PimpWiz.com is the “Connoisseur of Cool,” the hottest and hippest portal to the high-life, the luxury standard and the definition of what it means to be “pimpin.”

Project Details

This is the first myspace design attempt Daddy Design has ever done. This is the page that opened up our business to tons of opportunity. It’s just a basic page and we didn’t attempt advanced pages at this point.

Project Link

No Longer Available