Bladerunners Music Myspace Design



Company Info

The BladeRunners first formed in 2005 as the brainchild of DJ 7L and Steve “The RaZor” Picardi.MegaMix The initial colaborationwas basically for 7L to just make a cool mega mix using all kinds of music and for Steve “The RaZor” to be fed some dope sounds to chop and edit. Once the mix made it’s way around, interest started coming in from DJ’s wanting full versions of these edits to play out. Of these DJ’s, Stretch Armstrong was most influential in wanting tracks, specifically the BladeRunners re-work of Madonna “Physical Attraction”, or “Physical Edits” as it became known.

Project Details

This is our first standard page design. The client asked us for a colorful background. We also designed a Custom DJ testimonial section for them.

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