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Matt Johnson

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13 Year-Old Matthew Johnson isn’t just another teen idol. He’s a legend. A guitar and vocal prodigy with a live show that crushes everything else in his genre, Matt delivers his own version of pop/rock fusion of straight-ahead ¡police rock with the youth, funk, and flare of the early Jackson 5. With a rapidly burgeoning Midwest fan base, the Dallas native has put his other skills on hold (he’s done extensive work in commercials and films) to focus on his most driving passion: music. As if touring with everyone from the Radio Disney Superstar Kids to the Jonas Brothers wasn’t enough, Matt convinced his mom to home school him for five months so he could focus on writing. After a semester of intense soul-searching, the teen idol delivers an album whose musical prowess and lyrical depth frequently belie his tender years. Listen, nod, and jump aboard before it’s too late.

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Using nice high-res photographs can make a page really pop. This is our basic myspace design package.

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