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John Morrison

Company Info

I debuted on Monday Night RAW in March of 2004 as “the apprentice”(playing off Donald Trump’s show). In January of 2005 I kept my name Johnny Nitro, but was repackaged, and debuted on Friday Night Smackdown as part of MNM. Joey Mercury, Johnny Nitro, and Melina became 3 time tag team champions. In April of 2006 I was moved back to Monday Night Raw where I became a 2 time Intercontinental Champion. Finally in June of 2007 I debuted on ECW as John Morrison and became the ECW Heavyweight Champion. I am currently one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions with The Miz. Check out ECW live on Sci Fi, every Tuesday night to see John Morrison, and The Miz defend the most sought after championships in wrestling. Or, if you want the inside scoop on what’s really going on behind the scenes, check out THE DIRT SHEET on

Project Details

One of our favorite myspace design’s we have done. Using really nice Hi res Photos that John Supplied, we were able to build a really slick page. We built a custom flash music player. John gets hundreds of friend request, comments and messages everyday on this page. We have a agreement with another WWE Wrestler for a custom myspace design.

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No Longer Available