Is your website ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant?

If you’re searching for information about bringing your website up to the current ADA compliant standards then you’ve most likely heard about companies being sued over not being accessible to persons with disabilities. Bringing your website up to the current ADA Compliance standards not only helps to protect your business from unwanted lawsuits but can also help attract new potential customers as well as boost your overall brand perception.

What does ADA Compliance mean?

In short, the Department of Justice (DOJ) published the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards for Accessible Design that states; all electronic and information technology must be accessible to people with disabilities. Examples could include, but are not limited to, people with the following: visual impairment, speech or hearing impairments, those who use screen readers or assistive technology, such as text to speech.

ADA Compliant Services – We are here to help!

Whether you have an existing website or need to build a new website from the ground up, Daddy Design has the skill and knowledge to help ensure your website is ADA Compliant. You can now visit our new ADA Compliant Services page to learn more about this exciting new service and find out what it means for you and your current website or new project.

If you still have questions regarding ADA Compliance or want to simply start your project, please do not hesitate to use our contact form or give us a call at 407-227-9377.