How to use your Google Reviews URL to create a custom QR Code

Google Reviews are a great way to increase your web traffic within Google while also adding a boost in credibility for potential future customers to trust your business. You can rely on customers to naturally be inclined to leave you Google Reviews on their own or you can take steps to help push them towards doing so. One great way to make leaving a Google Review for your business as easy as possible for customers is to create your own Google Reviews QR Code and display it prominently on your marketing materials for easy access. In this tutorial we will teach you how to retrieve your unique Google Reviews URL so that you can create your own QR code to use on your marketing materials to allow your customers easy access.
In this tutorial we will teach you how to retrieve your unique Google Reviews URL so that you can create your own QR code to use on your marketing materials to allow your customers easy access.

STEP 1:  Retrieve your Google Place ID

In this first step you will need to retrieve your Google Place ID since it will be required to retrieve the correct Google Reviews URL in the next step. If you already know your Google Place ID then you can proceed to Step 2, otherwise follow these instructions:

Step 1-A: Visit this URL:

Step 1-B: Type your business name into the search bar inside the map.

Step 1-C: Click on your name to display your Google Place ID. (See Screenshot)

STEP 2:  Retrieve your Google Reviews URL

In this next step you will use your Google Place ID from Step 1 to retrieve the unique URL for your Google Reviews:

Items to Note:

You will need to replace “YOUR-ID-HERE” with your actual Google Place ID

STEP 3: Shorten your Google Reviews URL (*Optional)

Why shorten your Google Reviews URL? To put it simply, QR codes with long URLs can be decoded less by your Smartphone than shortened URLs. In order to alleviate any potential issues with your QR code we recommend shortening your Google Reviews URL by using any URL shortener of your choice.

We Recommend TinyURL:

*Please note that this step is optional, if you do not wish to shorten your Google Reviews URL please proceed to Step 4.

STEP 4:  Create the QR Code

There are many QR code generators available on the web from free to pay but for purposes of this tutorial we have found ‘Free QR Code Generator’ to be the best free QR generator to use. Follow these instructions to create your QR code:

Step 4-A: Visit this URL:

Step 4-B: Paste either your full or shortened Google Reviews URL in the URL box

Step 4-C: Click the ‘Download QR Code’ button

Step 4-D: Download and save your QR code in your desired file format (We recommend either EPS or PNG)

STEP 5:  Add your Google Reviews QR Code to your Marketing Materials

Now that you have your Google Reviews QR Code the final step is to utilize it in your marketing materials to allow your customers easy access to leave those coveted Google reviews. Depending on your business there are various approaches you can take for how and where to display your Google Reviews QR Code.

We decided to develop a very basic FREE template that you can use to help easily display your QR code. You can use this template to display your QR code in a window, on a counter top (receptionist or cashier stations), or as a stand up sign in a prominent area for maximum visibility. DOWNLOAD our FREE template using the button below then simply replace the QR code on the template with your QR code!


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