Hustler Hollywood Myspace Design Page



Company Info

Larry and Jimmy Flynt’s vision for a upscale adult boutique was realized in 1998 when the first Hustler Hollywood store opened on the Sunset Strip.Since then, the ever-expanding chain has been offering discriminating consumers a bright, refreshing alternative to the seedy adult bookstore. While initially met with some trepidation from a few communities, everyone has come to realize that sex doesn’t need to be relegated to the back alleys or to “other side of the tracks”. Done well–the only way the Flynts know how to do things–a store catering to adults only adds to fundamental character of a city.

Project Details

Hustler contacted us to design their Myspace page for marketing purposes. We designed all branding and look for this myspace design. This advanced page includes a newsletter sign up box, store items that link you to the item in the actual online store, store locations, videos section and more.

Project Link

No Longer Available