Ch2 Band WordPress, Myspace, Twitter and Facebook Designs



Band Details

CH2 Guitar Duo consists of two (ever so slightly crazy) guitarists that play a fusion of classical, latin, flamenco and instrumental pop.

Project Details

Ch2 hired us for the whole Social Media Design package which includes a custom website built in wordpress, custom twitter background, custom myspace 3.0 and a custom facebook design which was also built using wordpress.

The WordPress website is definitely one of our most advanced sites we’ve built, with using tons of javascript including the full size background effect, go ahead and scale the page up and down :). A very cool feature is the home page sidebar, which you scroll up and down and can open and close. The sidebar has everything from custom twitpic / twitter feed widget, facebook wall feed widget, upcoming events section, feature video, recent album for sale and email sign up section.

Just like the twitter background and myspace page, the facebook fan page is designed using the same branding across the board. With this facebook page being built in wordpress, a great feature is the reverbnation music player added and the slideshow.

Project Links

WordPress Website: