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Acronym’s actual birthplace is a mystery as he was orphaned by unknown parents before his first birthday. His early memories were of social services, until at age five he was placed with foster parents, a hippy family living in the border town of Calexico California. Constant moving and abject poverty, forced a young mind to internalize itself and find solace in creative writing. In the cramped confines of commune life, he became obsessed with creating new and unusual acronyms, expressing his thoughts and feelings in coded journals. After being arrested at age 14, for tagging his signature a.c.r.o.n.y.m moniker, a guidance counselor in juvenile hall stumbled across his unique communication method and coerced him to translate his writings. Since, his acronyms have been published in over 50 publications including: the New Yorker, Interview magazine, and Rolling Stone. Currently, A.c.r.o.n.y.m has proclaimed a new passion for filmmaking, helming clips for the prophetic street poet Blu on WB records as well a controversial clip entitled “3SOME” for the LA based electro duo The Villains.

Project Details

This is the 2nd wordpress design project we were hired to do for this client. This site is very graphic heavy with many pngs. Site Design is based off the crazy blood splatted logo. We are very proud of this unique look.

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No Longer Available