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Why is different from other FREE Myspace Layout sites?

Well, one big difference is quality. QUALITY over QUANTITY is what we strive for. You will notice that there are thousands of layouts on other layout sites, however what they are truly lacking is quality layouts, granted you may be able to get lucky and find one here and there but wouldn’t you rather search a site where every layout is as good as the next. Of course we will eventually have a large quantity of layouts but we will never rush ourselves to achieve this goal, we would much rather take our time to ensure that all of our layouts match a certain level of quality before being added to our site for mass distribution. At our main focus is on the layouts and not a bunch of useless information you could care less about. We give you exactly what you came to our site for in the first place, FREE Myspace Layouts.

Project Details

We based the design from off the website of course. Our myspace page shows a thumbnails slide show of layouts, we included a few sample layout that anyone can copy and paste the code right off our myspace page. Make sure to friend request us as we also use our blog to tell all our myspace friends about new layouts and news for the website

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No Longer Available