Unlocking Your Crypto Wallet: A Clever Trick When You Forget Your Recovery Phrase

A few months ago, I encountered a challenging situation when I got logged out of my Coinbase wallet. To make matters worse, I couldn’t recall my passcode and had no idea where I had stored my 12 word recovery phrase. The ensuing weeks were filled with panic until I stumbled upon a solution: searching for text terms in my photo gallery!

I navigated to my iPhone’s photo gallery and entered the term “recovery.” To my relief, there it was — a screenshot containing my recovery phrase..

Surprisingly, I also located the recovery image for my MetaMask wallet using the same method. While this unconventional approach did help me regain access to my coins and NFTs, it’s crucial to note that this isn’t a secure practice. Storing recovery phrases and passwords in your photo gallery is risky. For enhanced security, always keep these sensitive details in a secure location accessible only to you, minimizing the risk of loss or unauthorized access.