STS9 Re-Design Myspace Page



Band Info

STS9 already has a tremendous fan base, but the new album is perhaps more accessible than the band’s previous efforts. Peaceblaster is, of course, dense with the Eno-esque layering of live and electronic instruments that STS9 is known for—the chords and samples swirling atop the pulsing bass and drums. But between the beats there is a distinctly human element absent from past records. Brown, Murphy, and Lerner even sing occasionally, adding voices to the sonic stew for the first time. Still the band understands that their sound is somewhat esoteric. “Our feeling is that this record could be for everybody,” Murphy says. “But then again, probably not.”

Project Details

This is the 2nd time we were hired to design STS9’s myspace page. This page is based off the NEW STS9 website design that we created as well. Besides the design, there are a few new sections in this layout as well. We added there new albums for sale section, the make it right section and the new free fan “copy and paste” myspace layout.

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