SocialTools.FM and the NEW Social Toolbar PRO

Owners of Daddy Design, Ryan Steinhardt and Hunter Ecklund have joined forces with Zachary Van Doren (Founder of ZVD Media) and Matthias Ajple (Founder of AMR Networks) to launch SocialTools.FM.

Over 2 years ago, Daddy Design launched Social Toolbar as a WordPress plugin and since that time we saw huge demand for a persistent web toolbar that both seamlessly integrated with the look and feel of a website and that was lightweight and quick in terms of load times. There was nothing out there we felt did the job on both ends and so we decided to built it ourselves.

Since that time we saw a greater need among our clients for the development of a number of social and marketing web tools, that helped website owners build deeper connections between their website and their social channels, in terms of content, sharing and overall community. It was out of that greater need that we decided to launch SocialTools.FM, with our first product being a completely re-engineered update of Social Toolbar PRO.

The new Social Toolbar PRO includes:

  • A full web-based admin platform, allowing for advanced color, font and opacity configuration based on exact look and feel of your website
  • More Social Feeds, including YouTube, Twitter, RSS, Google+ and now Custom Message Feed.
  • A suite of third-party plugins that will allow you to integrate such functions as newsletter sign-up, live chat, crowd-sourced project financing, in-site donations, and many more in the works. We are very excited on this one!
  • Fully compatible with any web and CMS framework, including extensions for Drupal, Joomla and of course WordPress

And check out our newly produced video tour of the Toolbar!