Reverie Myspace Div Overlay Design



Company Info

REVERIE is inspired by the Los Angeles lifestyle and geared toward creating high-energy, exclusive, and guest friendly nightlife experiences. Whether it’s an intimate or an over the top encounter, our goal is to construct a haven that brings locals together in an ideal nightlife locale, mainly restaurants, lounges, nightclubs, and other creative spaces. From there, it incorporates elements that are associated with the uber-chic Los Angeles lifestyle within the space. Whether it is fashion, automotive, technology, art, or other lifestyle facets, REVERIE develops its events around such brands. And since nightlife and lifestyle come hand-in-hand, we have adopted the NIGHT-LIFE-STYLE slogan, stating that NIGHTLIFE is a LIFESTYLE. Pronounced as one word, it defines what the REVERIE experience is all about; providing an alternative to the typical over-exhausted nightlife locals are often used to by bringing together the most intriguing aspects of the Los Angeles lifestyle.

Project Details

We based the design off the logo for this div overlay page. He wanted a cool music player, so we added the playlist player. Our client uses this page quite a bit for promoting.

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No Longer Available