Mike G Personal Myspace Designed page


Mike G

Company Info

I am a Physicist/Scientist, Junkie Investor, Corporate Raider, Businessman, Deal Maker, Artist and Father who is looking for friends that are Nerds, Beautiful Women, Deal Makers, Artists, Anyone Creative, Those with Amazing Pattern Recognition or Intuition, and Those Driven by Passion Who Want to Make a Difference. I’m interested in Art, Physics, Chemistry, Technology, Social Theory, Psychology, The Ego, Addiction Theory, Transcendental Number Theory, Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations, Constants of Nature, Conservation Laws, High Finance, and Social Responsibility. I’m inspired by Albert Einstein, Richard Feynman, Michael Milken, Donald Trump, and Bill Wilson.

Project Details

We designed a personal myspace page for this client that just wanted to have a cool myspace page. He has recently taken the page down but you can see what it looked like.

Project Samples