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Just like a dip in a deep, deep ocean: Fresherized is an all-natural process. It’s just pressure…created with water. The pressure is approximately 87,000 pounds per square inch, equivalent to 5-6 times the pressure found at the bottom of the ocean. The pressure kills naturally occurring pathogens, which cause food deterioration and affect food safety. It’s EASY being green: The 5 avocados in each 16 oz box of our guacamole have been Fresherized—which means, unopened, they will stay green and beautiful for up to 30 days. Compare that to 30 minutes for a peeled avocado, which immediately starts to turn brown and mushy.

Project Details

This myspace page is no longer on the web. It’s was one of our favorite pages too :(. You can see what it use to look like in the samples below. The page had many cool sections in it, including: a custom slide show with custom border, games, downloads, locations for the Guacmobile section and tons more.

Project Samples