Don Vito Flash Myspace Design


Don Vito

Company Bio

When producer Don Vito calls himself the “Urban Legend,” please believe he has put in the work to earn the title. Gary, Indiana-made, Atlanta, Georgia-paid, the producer born Rodney Richard entered Hip Hop as a DJ studying Southern icons such as Grammy-winning DJ Toomp, star-making DJ Nabs and hit-crafting DJ Cooly C. Their duality as both DJ and producer would eventually rub off on Vito as he hopped from behind the tables and behind the board to produce artist that unbeknownst to him, would become Southern Hip Hop legends.

Project Details

Don already had a Custom Myspace page done by another design firm. He contacted us to spice it up a bit with a custom top flash design. We did a cool transition of him appearing them put some bling bling all over. You can see it below (right click, rewind, to see it from the beginning).

Top Flash Sample