Daddy Design Collabs with ID10T404 on an 80’s Inspired Craft Beer Glass

If there’s one thing both co-founders of Daddy Design agree on it’s the 80’s! Hunter one of Daddy Design’s own ventured off and started up ID10T404 as a side passion project combining his love for nostalgia and craft beer. He discovered the niche community of limited edition craft beer glass collectors during Covid lockdown in 2020 and quickly got involved first as a collector then as a maker. With Ryan sharing a similar love for nostalgia and craft beer he’s been wanting to collab on a glass for a while now, so after some back and forth on ideas we both decided that being 80’s kids with a mutual love for My Pet Monster it was the perfect idea!

This limited edition 80’s and 90’s inspired glass features full color printed on a 17oz Arc Nordic Cooler and will be available on Sunday April 23rd at 1:00pm EST only on Don’t miss out because supplies are limited and once this amazing glass sells out it will never be available again!