Camp318 Premade Myspace Design Layout



Company Info

CAMP 318 is an umbrella for the area! Under it resides, a lifestyle that incorporates Motorsports, Automotive, Fashion, Night Life, and much more. We are open to everything from MMA, and UFC fights, to Bull riding, ATV Events, to Runway shows, parties with Beachers Mad House to the Hottests local chill spots. I really want Camp 318 to spider out and touch everyone in every fassit of life. LETS start with the Auto Industry, becasue its how I make my money. Camp 318 has to “draw” consumers in from all walks of life and “influence” them to look at SIMOTORSPORTS as the only place worth buying automotive cosmetics and upgrades from. SI Motorsports sales, wheels, tires, aerokits, brakes, suspension, performance, window tint, alarms, bolt on accessories, and more!

Project Details

We created this myspace layout months ago and then we just decided to put it on the sale for sale as a pre-made myspace design. Check the original layout and the sample proof below. It sold very quick to Camp318and people are still contacting us for it. We are now in the works of creating many more premade myspace layouts. Keep checking back to our blog as they will be launched in early 2009. When Camp318 bought the layout, we change the logo to his own, placed in his info in the body area and we even made some design edits for him. If you have a small budget and want a advanced div overlay page then this is the best route to go.

Project Link

No Longer Available

Project Samples