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Since 1999, the year in which Federico Simonazzi transformed his studio from radio program recording to a music recording, we have had numerous work experiences and have worked with a variety of clients: from business to business (commercials for broadcasting radio & TV, Telephone companies and Multimedia content providers) to music industry (bands, labels, DJs and independent Producers.) In March of 2000, after a trial period to evaluate our options in this field of work, Federico founded Alar’s Recording Studio.

Alar’s Recording Studio provides you with mixing and mastering services, for optimization in relation to the media destination (vinyl, CD, or file for web). These services are available not only for those recording in our studio, but also for external clients, for those who have previously recorded tracks elsewhere.

Project Details

Alar Music asked for a advanced myspace page. They like blue and wanted their studio pictures to be prominent on the page. We added a product list section.

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No Longer Available