Premium WordPress Themes

While we at Daddy Design will always recommend custom WordPress design over premade WordPress templates we do however understand that custom designs will not always fall within every client’s budget or business plan. In order to offer our clients a more budget friendly option for their WordPress website, when custom design just isn’t feasible, we have decided to begin offering premium WordPress themes from StudioPress.

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Our Premium WordPress Theme Packages

We understand that not every project falls within the same scope which is why we have decided to offer 3 unique packages to help ease the burden of getting your WordPress website up and running.

Standard WordPress Theme Package

This package is all you need if you already know which theme you want to use for your project but just need help getting everything set up and running. This is our most affordable package and includes setting up the theme on your server, adding your logo, and teaching you how to input all of your content.

Super WordPress Theme Package

We understand that searching for a theme that best matches your specific needs can be a daunting task, which is why we developed this package to take the burden off of you. With this package you can let us help you find the perfect theme carefully selected for your project’s needs. This package also includes everything that our Standard Package comes with but instead of only teaching you how to input and maintain your content we will actually insert it all for you.

Deluxe WordPress Theme Package

Is your project a little more advanced than the scope of a premade theme? If your specific project needs don’t far exceed the criteria for this package you can achieve the closest look and feel possible to a custom WordPress website for a fraction of the cost. This project includes everything that our Standard and Super packages come with as well as some customization and additional add-ons.

Don’t forget the hosting!

Add Web Hosting to any Package

You’d be surprised how often clients don’t realize a website requires a monthly hosting expense, but don’t worry we have you covered with an all in one option. Hosting provided by WP Engine is available as an add-on feature to any of our theme packages and combined with a StudioPress theme is aimed to help save you money overall. Even if you currently already have your own hosting, let us provide you with a quote so you can compare the benefits and savings.

Why StudioPress?

Since 2010, StudioPress has offered premium themes built on the Genesis Framework, which makes your site faster, more secure, and more SEO-friendly. Their extensive catalog of themes ensures that there is a theme to fit your specific needs.

Why WP Engine?

WP Engine drives your business forward faster with the first and only WordPress Digital Experience Platform. They offer the best WordPress hosting and developer experience on a proven, reliable architecture that delivers unparalleled speed, scalability, and security for your sites.

We are here to help with your WordPress design needs!

If you’re still unsure whether custom WordPress design or using a premade template is the right decision for you, please do not hesitate to use our contact form or give us a call at 407-227-9377 to discuss your project needs. Our team of WordPress experts are here to help review your unique needs and explain the benefits of each option in order to help you reach the proper decision so that you can begin moving forward with your project.

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