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UPDATE! We are currently learning and designing MySpace 3.0 layouts. Starting 2011, we will take on many new 3.0 projects. Please Contact us or fill out the request a quote form to get your quote today!

Daddy Design, like other design firms, offers a wide variety of services. However, one particular area of design that we specialize in that many design firms overlook is myspace design and Layout (Including Band Myspace Design Layout). While all the other design firms will be playing catch up once they realize the tremendous value that Myspace Design offers to companies, Daddy Design being a myspace designer will be well ahead of the game. We understand just how valuable Myspace is in terms of marketing and because we understand this we have already grounded ourselves in the Myspace Design market as one of the leading design firms offering this type of service. Daddy Design has even been recognized by for our achievements in Myspace Design. Please read the article below published by to find out just how important Myspace Designers are becoming to marketing. We design layouts just like the featured Myspace profile pages.

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Myspace Design Examples

sennheiser feature Myspace profile design


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elle magazine Myspace design

ELLE Magazine

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ESPN x games Myspace design page

ESPN X Games

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WWE's Joh Morrison Myspace design page

John Morrison

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Myspace Design Pricing

We offer three different types of Custom Myspace Design and Layout at different price structures to allow easy choices for budgeting concerns. Please contact us today at 1-888-987-1961 so that we can discuss your Myspace project, or you can fill out our easy online Myspace Design Quote Form.

Ask About Our "Free Downloads Section"

We have a free download section package that includes a Wallpaper Download and a Fan "Copy & Paste" Myspace layout. So it's a basic custom page that fans can use as there personal page. (which would be advertising you!)

This package is additional charges added on to the layout price. Call about prices. Once it's completed, we will then place the layout in our free professional myspace layouts website:

Pimpwiz Article on Myspace Design

Myspace Design

Today, Myspace is not just a place for friends anymore, but a place where companies can reach out to an audience of over a million users who all utilize the internet’s largest online community everyday. Because there is such a large diversity on Myspace, companies see a huge potential in the marketing capabilities Myspace can provide to them and more and more are benefiting from this on a daily basis. Some companies may wonder why this would be such a big benefit when they already have a website, and the main reason is networking.

Myspace is not just a place to display information,but a place where people can communicate and interact with each other and therefore market themselves to the vast array of users. One web design firm who has taken advantage of this new opportunity is South Florida based Daddy Design who is offering myspace design services to businesses who want to integrate themselves into the online marketing network. We had the chance to sit down with the owner, founder and creator of the famous “Rapping Barney Tupac” video to discuss just why Myspace Design Layout is such a large area for marketing and how it works.