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Daddy Design was great to work with. They built a website that complimented our products’ design and added a modern, clean look that gets consumers’ attention. The site functions well for all users and is super easy to update. Thank you, Daddy Design for making our website as “gourmet” as our dough!

– Joan & Julia Pacetti, Owners

It has been great to work with Ryan and his team at Daddy Design. They are on point with their concepts, customer service and understanding of what we wanted to accomplish. They were receptive to our feedback and we were able to deliver a top notch product to our fans. I look forward to building on this foundation for future events.

– ESPN X Games

Daddy Design has been everything I would want in a vendor – always fast, executing on exactly what I need and anticipating issues I haven’t thought of. I’ve used them for WordPress and MySpace design and highly recommend them.


We have been more than impressed by Daddy Design’s hard work, design aesthetic and the final results of the make over of our ELLE MySpace page. Daddy Design has been flexible and easy to work with, helping us to achieve not only a sleek new design, but an informative web environment that drives considerable traffic back to our website. It has been a pleasure working with the team and I recommend them highly.

– ELLE Magazine

Specializing in HTML5 Web Design

Web Design

Allow us to build your customized website from the ground up using the latest technologies including CSS, Flash, and HTML5 that will bring customers to your business and keep them there with dazzling graphics, interactive features and SEO-friendly text.

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Specializing in Responsive Design

Responsive Design

Drive mobile traffic to your website with our Responsive Design services, guaranteeing that no matter what platform your customers use, they’ll see the very best of your business online.

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Specializing in Marketing


Separate yourself from the competition with our intelligent, creative and ever-evolving marketing service. Keep your business at the top of the charts when it comes to data mining, social media and search engine results to keep your company fresh in the minds of customers new and old.

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Specializing in Custom Facebook Design

Facebook Design

Using social media to augment your customer base? Our custom Facebook design services will have your company page collecting more Fans, Friends and Likes than you can count.

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Specializing in Logo Design

Logo Design

A picture might be worth a thousand words, but the right logo can add thousands of dollars to your business. Allow us to handle your custom logo design to brand your company with an instantly-recognizable image that customers will associate with the best in the business.

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Specializing in Print Design

Print Design

Whether you need brochures, business cards, flyers, traditional advertising, mailers, billboards, catalogs, or menus, our custom print design services will dazzle your clients and customers with vivid colors, customized layouts and perfectly suited typefaces.

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Specializing in Copywriting


Technologies change, but the power of the written word remains a constant. Employ our eloquent, creative, specially-trained copywriting service to deliver your message to customers and potential customers in the perfect fashion each and every time – from email blasts to blogs to investor sales pitches.

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How to Disable Emoji Support in WordPress 4.2+ without a Plugin

How to Disable Emoji Support in WordPress 4.2+ without a Plugin

Even if you aren’t utilizing emojis on your site, your site is still loading all of the CSS and JS used to drive them which increases load time slowing down your site. In this tutorial we will teach you how to remove and disable emoji support by simply adding a code snippet to your functions file.

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custom donut

FREE Custom “Daddy Design” Rhino Doughnut

If you live in South Florida, Come get a FREE custom “Daddy Design” Donut!!! Just follow @dady_design and @rhinodoughnuts on instagram. The Daddy Design Donut is orange glazed with white chocolate shaving on top and filled with an orange creamsicle flavored cream. Only 150 available so make sure you come early. WHEN: Saturday the 14th […]

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WordPress Tutorials

How to Automatically Retrieve Video Thumbnails from YouTube

We often use YouTube ID’s in our projects to grab either videos or thumbnails directly from YouTube, giving us greater flexibility as well as simplifying the process for the end user. In this tutorial we will teach you how to use the YouTube ID to retrieve all of the different available video thumbnails automatically from YouTube.

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