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Financial Facebook Design

Frye Financial Center Facebook Design


Frye Financial Center

Company Details

Our professional, interdisciplinary team of Certified Financial Planners®, Portfolio Managers, Insurance Professionals, 401(k)/Retirement Plan Advisors, IRA rollover/distribution specialists and attorneys (through the Law Offices of Frye & Associates, P.L.) provide comprehensive, seamless servicing. This full service, integrated approach provides clients with the best opportunity to potentially maximize the long-term results and the effectiveness of their financial planning.

Project Details

We went with a very clean and corporate design for this facebook tab. This page has multiple tabs inside the actual tab (see near bottom of page).

Project Link


Project Type

Facebook Design


  1. Ralston Vaz February 1, 2011

    Well done.

    Simple, sophisticated, and full of lots of discoverable content (as opposed to a big, flat image).

    I dig it. Thanks for sharing.


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