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Dolce Touch Wordpress Design

Dolce Touch WordPress Design


Dolce Touch

Company Info

Dolce Touch, LLC, develops, produces and markets luxury alcoholic spirits in the super and ultra-premium sector. The company’s influences come from modern design, high fashion and the lifestyle of today’s sophisticated consumer. In the spirits industry, it is extremely important to understand what consumers want and adapt to market changes through innovation. Involved in every stage of the development and production process, Dolce Touch follows strict guidelines to meet and/or exceed consumers’ expectations and demands. Dolce’s strategic process allows them to bring innovative ideas into reality with the help of renowned businesses from around the world.

Project Details

We were very excited about this project as we enjoy designing classy fashionable websites. We used mostly black and whites along with very hi res images. This site was coded in wordpress along with some cool css and javascript effects. Let us know what you think!!

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Project Type

Web Design, Wordpress Design

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