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DJ Sam.G begins his artistic career as “Mc” when he was very young and he was influenced by his uncle Mister Sam Mbende (producer, author, composer, and interpreter). He finds his marks very quickly and chooses “hip-hop” as musical universe by listening to many Hip-Hop artists (Busta Rymes, Redman, NTM, Bustaflex, and many others…). His first mixtape “First Contact” came out in 1998 in collaboration with a Mc collective from Brussels, and this was for him the beginning of a great history… DJ Sam.G meets then a friend with whom he decides to create a dance group: this was a success and he discovered a new discipline with his speciality (looking, boogaloo, popin) and he than slowly and discreetly begins to be interested in platinum…

Project Details

Our client asked us to design a page that pops using grays. The top has a custom flash design. We did a creative way of showing the music player as making it look like DJ Sam is holding it.

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No Longer Available

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rocko ryda
rocko ryda

man i totally love ur work.im looking to expand my page and make it look legit! now im a rapper on the come up and this bootleg free layouts aint cutting it bro. i need you to hook me up.hit me up and give me a quote or any sort of details i need to know. thanx again for doing an outstanding work,and hope you can help me out! -rocko ryda


ummmm i wonder how to make mines like this