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Acronym Films

Company Details

Acronym Films is owned by Movie, Commercial and Music Video Director Aaron Fjellman.

Project Details

This was a redesign wordpress website job. The new look is a much more cleaner style than what we designed before. The changes were requested after we creating Acronym’s Love Tap Move site (see below). This wordpress site showcases Acronym’s music videos, movies, and photography gallery using nextgen plugin.

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No Longer available


Love Tap
Love Tap Movie

Movie Details

A hilariously dark portrait of a dysfunctional couple, revealing the schizophrenic nature of a good ol’ LOVE/HATE relationship. After Ally (Rayne Marcus) delivers an emotionally charged apology to her boyfriend Keith (Tim George Connolly), he and his slacker cousin Artie (J.Scott) reply with an unorthodox proposal to help the lovers mend their broken hearts.

Project Details

We created 3 page site within the same wordpress site of Acronym’s, but with a different look and theme to make it look like a stand alone site. Movie page is password protected.

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No Longer available

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